Custom Oligo Synthesis

DNA Oligos

High quality DNA custom oligus in Tube Format

RNA Oligos

High quality RNA custom oligus in Tube Format

Dual Label Probes

The most complete selection of dye / quencher combinations for all combinations

Large Scale Synthesis

High quality custom oligos, unmodified, produced in miligram to gram quantities


SiMAX sIRNA-Purified custom sIRNA at an unprecedented value

Sequencing Services

Fast and reliable single-read sequencing services

Next Generation Sequencing
• Whole Genome Sequencing
• mtDNA Sequencing
• Amplicon-16s rRNA Sequencing
• Exome Sequencing
• Directional RNA Sequencing
• Small RNA sequencing
Gene Synthesis

De Novo Synthesis of Double Stranded DNA

DNA Sequencing
• Basic DNA Sequencing Services
• Specialized DNA Sequencing Services
• DNA Fragment Analysis Services
• DNA Mutagenesis Services

PCR Cloning and Subcloning

• Regular sub-cloning Services
• Custom ORF Cloning Services
• Small RNAs Cloning
• RACE Cloning
• Custom vector-base siRNA construction

Plasmid Purification Services

• MC Plasmid DNA Purification Service

Cell Line Identification

• Cell Line Identification

Protein Services

• Protein Expression and Purification

Antibody Services

• Antibody Sequencing Service
• Antibody isotyping
• Antigen Affinity Purification
• IgG Purification using Protein A
• IgG Purification using Protein G
• Monoclonal Antibody
• Peptide conjugation to KLH
• Polyclonal Antibody

qPCR Services

• PCR Array Service
• Copy Number Variation Assay
• CYP Enzyme mRNA assay