Custom Oligo Synthesis


High quality DNA custom OLIGOS in Tube Format


High quality RNA custom OLIGOS in Tube Format

Dual Label Probes

The most complete selection of dye / quencher combinations for all combinations

Large Scale Synthesis

High quality custom OLIGOS, unmodified, produced in miligram to gram quantities


SiMAX sIRNA-Purified custom sIRNA at an unprecedented value

Sequencing Services

Fast and reliable single-read sequencing services

Next Generation Sequencing
• Whole Genome Sequencing
• mtDNA Sequencing
• Amplicon-16s rRNA Sequencing
• Exome Sequencing
• Directional RNA Sequencing
• Small RNA sequencing
Gene Synthesis

De Novo Synthesis of Double Stranded DNA

DNA Sequencing
• Basic DNA Sequencing Services
• Specialized DNA Sequencing Services
• DNA Fragment Analysis Services
• DNA Mutagenesis Services

PCR Cloning and Subcloning

• Regular sub-cloning Services
• Custom ORF Cloning Services
• Small RNAs Cloning
• RACE Cloning
• Custom vector-base siRNA construction

Plasmid Purification Services

• MC Plasmid DNA Purification Service

Cell Line Identification

• Cell Line Identification

Protein Services

• Protein Expression and Purification

Antibody Services

• Antibody Sequencing Service
• Antibody isotyping
• Antigen Affinity Purification
• IgG Purification using Protein A
• IgG Purification using Protein G
• Monoclonal Antibody
• Peptide conjugation to KLH
• Polyclonal Antibody

qPCR Services

• PCR Array Service
• Copy Number Variation Assay
• CYP Enzyme mRNA assay